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Ceramics, the material of the future has a wide range of industrial applications ranging from high temperature refractories, wear parts, fused cast ceramics to filters for chemical plants and much more.
High Performance Refractories Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide

Silicon Carbide (SiC) is a synthetic material most commonly produced by the so-called Acheson process in electrical resistance furnaces. SiC can be produced either black or green, depending on the raw materials.



Grindwell Nortonís SiC Business


  • Major supplier to all leading Refractory, Metallurgy and Abrasives manufacturers in India.
  • 2 fully integrated Manufacturing locations (Own Furnacing as well as Sizing plants).
    • First plant in Tirupati (Since 1980)
    • Second Plant in Bhutan (Since 2009)
  • Both Manufacturing locations are certified under ISO14001 and OSHAS 18001 certifications which testifies for the modern Quality and EHS system in operation.
  • All our products are manufactured in accordance with international standards (for instance, the FEPA or JIS standards), or customized to fulfill the specific customerís demands.
  • High quality standards have made this plant as the qualified source for all major Saint-Gobain branches world-wide.

Generally speaking, the goals we set for our products and services are to improve the performance of our clientsí own products, to improve the efficiency of their manufacturing processes, or to extend the lifetime of their equipment. We intend to achieve this through our "5 Key Values":

  • Reliability of Supply.
  • Consistency of Quality.
  • Innovation in conjunction with our customers (co-development).
  • Respect of confidentiality for each customer.
  • Local presence combined with worldwide excellence standards.

The Product Range includes

    Products for Metallurgical applications

    Products for Refractory applications

    Products for Abrasives applications

  SiC WS
    Products for Slurry Wire Sawing

    Products for Technical Ceramics


Metallurgical grade Silicon Carbide is used in iron foundries and in steel mills
in the form of loose grains or briquettes:

• As Si- and C-alloying additive in induction and cupola furnaces for cast iron production
• As an inoculant in iron foundries
• As a deoxidizing agent in ladle furnaces and electric arc furnaces during slag
• As an energy booster in steel converters (LD/BOF) due exothermic reaction in the process

Using Silicon Carbide in metallurgical applications allows to provide the necessary
alloying elements while reducing the quantities of additives needed and
the energy consumption compared to substitute materials such as ferro-silicon,
therefore improving the overall economics of iron and steel production.

 Product Range


Chemical inertness at high temperatures, high resistance to abrasion and thermal shock resistance make Silicon Carbide an attractive material for several refractory applications, as for instance kiln furniture, aluminium reduction cells, incinerators, bricks for blast furnaces and zinc furnaces, crucibles, monolithics, tap hole and runners in melting furnaces.

Our scale and long-standing experience in the refractory market make us a supplier of choice for customers sensitive to reliability of supply and consistency of quality.

 Product Range


Due to its high abrasion resistance and low cost, Silicon Carbide is in many different forms used as a loose- or . Xedabrasive material in a wide variety of applications such as:

• Grinding wheels with all possible kinds of bonds • Honing sticks • Cut-o. and thin wheels
• Snagging wheels • Stone polishing segments • Coated abrasives • Lapping and polishing of substrates
and mechanical components • Blasting • Anti-slip flooring

Each particular product in our wide range of solutions for abrasive applications is adapted to the customer needs and is characterized by the following parameters:

• Particle size distribution.
All macro and micro grit sizes are available according to the main established standards such as FEPA.
• Particle shape.
Depending on our processing method, we can produce either blocky- or sharp-shape grits.
• Crystal grade.
Both Green or Black Silicon Carbide are available.
• Chemistry.
The purity of the final product is determined by the quality of input in producing our grit.

Our long experience in serving leading manufacturers in the Abrasives industry, from our many local production platforms, allows us to have a deep understanding of our Abrasive customers’ requirements and a broad product range. In addition, we have the capability to co-develop with our clients new tailor-made solutions when needed.


 Product Range


Slurry Wire Saws are today established as the most commonly used tools to slice wafers from ingots, in the semiconductor industry and in the rapidly growing sector of photovoltaic (solar) power. Wire Saws slice many types of hard or brittle materials, most predominantly Silicon Carbide.

Through our product range Sic WS, Saint-Gobain has been a pioneer in SiC micro grits for the wire sawing application. As for our SiC ABR product range, our offer comprises FEPA standard
particle size distributions, Blocky- or sharp-shape grits, Green or Black crystal grades, with various treatment possibilities. All our products are manufactured in accordance with existing industry standards.

 Product Range


Taking advantage of the excellent characteristics of Silicon Carbide, such as chemical inertness at all temperatures, resistance to thermal shock, hardness, resistance to abrasion, and sinter ability, the technical ceramics industry has developed a wide range of applications based on Silicon Carbide. The main applications for SiC based ceramics are kiln furniture, burner nozzles, sliding bearings, process components for the semiconductor industry, passive armor for the security and defense industries, seal rings and Diesel Particulate Filters for the industrial and automotive industries.

 Product Range


Research and Development constitutes a particularly important resource for Saint-Gobain in its technological development strategy. Part and parcel of Saint-Gobain´s daily operations in every one of its business sectors, R&D serves several objectives: improving quality, productivity and product performance as well as protecting the environment by upgrading manufacturing processes, optimizing utilization properties and recycling products, fostering innovation and using leading-edge materials and innovative combinations of materials to prepare Saint-Gobain´s future.

Typical capabilities of our R&D teams are:

• Customizing all kind of SiC grains and powders by using different kind of milling, classification, treatment or agglomeration technologies
• Characterization of the performance properties of SiC products, including abrasive tests, cut-rate tests, chemical
Innovation analysis, investigation of the micro- structure of green and sintered bodies and their relationship to firing process parameters
• Ceramic powder application development with laboratory and pilot scale equipment.

 Product Range
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